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close up of a wooden tree trump with the name of the story in solid font

“The king would often spend a little too much time looking at his young daughter. Too much time looking at her for she reminded him of her mother.” Thus begins a story of families asunder, impossible promises made, vows broken, and covert moments.” This story will remind you of others you’ve heard but it will creep you out just a little. Or a lot. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to a story about a king marrying his daughter. Oh, maybe you have already come too far. This tale, told by Sean Buvala, originally appeared on Sean’s CD of Unvarnished Tales, Volume 2. Listen if you’d like. But sometimes, Grimm tales are grim.
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Maggots, Crows, and Jackdaws

the words maggots crows and jackdaws over a black and wnite picture of a black feather in straw

Death! War! Hunger! Weddings! So many inappropriate things in this Russian story of the soldier and the warlock that you’ll hardly be able to handle the maggots! the crows! the snakes! that will take over your nightmares. Oh, you think the day will get saved, but, oh, you and your positive outlook. We warned you not to listen; we can sense the blood draining from your…palms. Don’t listen to this live recording told by Sean Buvala. Oh, we know you will anyway. We shall keep the fires burning for you.

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