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“The king would often spend a little too much time looking at his young daughter. Too much time looking at her for she reminded him of her mother.” Thus begins a story of families asunder, impossible promises made, vows broken, and covert moments.” This story will remind you of others you’ve heard but it will creep you out just a little. Or a lot. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to a story about a king marrying his daughter. Oh, maybe you have already come too far. This tale, told by Sean Buvala, originally appeared on Sean’s CD of Unvarnished Tales, Volume 2. Listen if you’d like. But sometimes, Grimm tales are grim.
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The Frogs Who Desired a King

a small frog looks out through the grasses along with the title words to this podcast

SSSSomething could go wrong in our fable-filled version of this week’s folktale. The Frogs. The Gods. The Croaking. We’ve told you these stories are not for the lovers of peace and justice. Frogs in a pond clamor for a King. Will he bring salvation or just drain the swamp. Only in your hearing will you know. An adaptation of an Aesop tale by Sean Buvala.

You can listen below. We warned you…those poor frogs. It’s completely inappropriate. It’s gonna be huge and inappropriate.

small frog peers through the grass

Great Mugs.

The Singing Bone


“A story so full of terror and murder and betrayal that I may not be able to tell you all the words.” The death of dozens, of boars, of brothers. Really, these are not appropriate for anyone, but you are going to listen anyway, aren’t you? We’ve tried to warn you that this classic Grimm fairytale isn’t for the soft-hearted. Be worried about the nightmares the words of Sean Buvala will cause. The death penalty alone may steer you away from stories forever more!!

Listen in below, if you must.

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Tongue and Tendon: The Talking Skull


“It was as if tongue and tendon, muscle and mouth had been restored for the skull began to speak of…” Completely inappropriate but told appropriately by K. Sean Buvala. Treasure, swords, death. Ugg, maybe you should go listen to something nice, not this? But, oh well, there is no telling you, is there? Adapted by Sean from a variety of world folk tales.

Listen below.

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