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Sean Buvala is the director of content at The Small Tooth Dog Publishing Group in Arizona. He's been a storyteller working in the oral storytelling arts since sometime in the mid '80s. So, he's experienced in the ins and outs of an odd story or two. When he's not storytelling, he's probably making something in his kitchen or telling his three rescue dogs to get off the couch.

Tongue and Tendon: The Talking Skull


“It was as if tongue and tendon, muscle and mouth had been restored for the skull began to speak of…” Completely inappropriate but told appropriately by K. Sean Buvala. Treasure, swords, death. Ugg, maybe you should go listen to something nice, not this? But, oh well, there is no telling you, is there? Adapted by Sean from a variety of world folk tales.

Listen below.

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Get the shirt.

Seven Ravens (Grimm)

“Can you imagine living in a family with seven brothers? Yet that is how this home was.” You shouldn’t listen as there is cutting and blood and chicken bones. Leave while you can. A sister sets off to free her brothers, brothers that she never knew. There’s a ring, but it ain’t magic. From Sean Buvala’s CD “Seven Ravens: Unvarnished Tales from the Brothers Grimm.”